Near Real Time Data

Last Measurements


1st Diagram: Volume Electricity Produced (I_SHUNT)
Axis x : Volume Electricity Produced(mV) (Range:-10mV~30mV)
Axis y : Date (Timestamp)

2nd Diagram:Radiation (HOR_RAD and POLY_RAD)
Red line: POLY_RAD (Radiation of Polycrystalline Panel)
Yellow line : HOR_RAD (Radiation in a horizontal level)
Axis x : Radiation (Range:-200mV~1200mV)
Axis y : Date (Timestamp)

3rd Diagram:Temperature T_POLY and T_AMBIENT
Red line: T_AMBIENT (Temperature Measurements in shadow)
Yellow line : T_POLY (Temperature Measurements from solar panel )
Axis x : Temperature(C) (Range:10C~50C)
Axis y : Date (Timestamp)

4th Diagram:Wind Speed
Axis x : Wind Speed m/s (Range: 0m/s~6m/s)
Axis y : Date (Timestamp)